Case Studies

Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair in Rector
Julie T  had a spacious crawlspace in her home in Rector Ar. She experienced sagging floors and cracking walls and doorframes near the middle of her home. Penny contacted...
Todd P of De Mamaduke, Ar, had a crawlspace that collected moisture. Water could be seen dripping from the duct-work. He called Crawl Space Solutions of Ar where Systems Design...
The homeowners kept their crawl space in good condition, the crawlspace was not renovated yet to keep out moisture. One of the most common problems in crawl spaces is moisture...
Homeowner Joesph C called Crawl Space Solutions be he was having sagging floors in his house. 
Sagging floors in CrawlSpace In Brrokland, Ar
Homeowner Joseph C called in stating that he has sagging floors and wanted to see why and what he can do to fix the issue.
Dave S from Mario Ar, Calling Crawl Space Solutions to get assistance with his sagging floors in his kitchen. Dave was referred to us by a good friend of his that had a similar...
Smart Jacks  in Marion, Ar
If you live in an area with humid weather, the floor can absorb moisture from the air during humid months. This will cause the wood to expand and can cause problems. This...
Wet and Mold in Marked Tree, Ar
This customer contacted us for help with her wet, nasty crawlspace. He had been wanting to get her home’s crawlspace fixed for years and had finally saved up enough...
This customer called us and explained that the crawl space under the living room and dining room of the home was leaking. They wanted the leak to be stopped and all of the...
Nasty Crawl Space Renewed in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
This home is the Presidents home for a college in Arkansas. There was no acting president at the time and the general contractor knew that there were moisture issues under...
Martha L from Harrisburg, Ar was having some serious issues with her crawl space that was causing floor damage in her house. The amount of moisture that was collected in her...
Elizabeth C from Pocahontas Ar called crawl space solutions of Arkansas due to her rental house having dampness and water in her basement.
Homeowner Albert B called Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas due to having standing water in his crawlspace. 
Peter L had a crawlspace that could not keep the dampness out. Peter contacted Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas. Where our Systems Design Specialist came out to design a...
Louis, a homeowner in Ravenden, recently just purchased his home. He knew beforehand that his basement was incomplete, however he was baffled the first time it rained and...
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