Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas Q&A

Are sump pumps necessary in a crawl space?

An important part of a sealed crawl space is a reliable sump pump system. Without one, your crawl space will still be vulnerable to groundwater, as well as unnoticed plumbing leaks. 

You read that right! Our sump pumps have an alarm that sounds off like a smoke detector to let you know water is coming from an unlikely location, and still removes the water to avoid further damages.

A sump pump could be the difference between a healthy crawlspace and one filled with moisture damage causing the floors of your home to sag.

Can fixing my dirty crawl space save me money?


The air rising into your home from your crawl space is very damp and humid. Damp, humid air is harder to heat and cool; thus, causing your HVAC system to work harder regulating the temperature of your living space. This raises your electrical costs and causes the system to work harder than necessary, making repairs or even replacement more frequent.

Everyone knows that a lot of money each year goes toward heating and cooling their home. However, many do not know that amount can be cut by anywhere from 15% to 25% by fixing their crawl space! 

Encapsulating your crawl space with a 25 year warrantied product, like CleanSpace liner, will isolate your home from the earth (reducing the humidity), and a sump pump will collect and excrete any ground water that could potentially cause issues to your crawl space. Rounding off your crawl space with a dehumidifier, like the SaniDry Sendona (the world's most efficient high-performance dehumidifier and filtration system), ensures dry conditions where mold will not grow. 

How do you dry out an Arkansas crawl space?

Having a good dehumidifier installed can eliminate any damp, musty odors in your basement or crawl space by drying and filtering the air.

The SaniDry Sedona is the world's most efficient, high-performance, Energy Star rated dehumidifier and filtration system that is capable of keeping relative humidity below 55%!

How to vent a crawl space?

The key to venting a crawl space is not to vent your crawl space to the outside elements at all.

In an area of your home like this avoiding any ventilation that can allow warm air to enter is key because this warm air eventually leads to condensation; which can cause rotting, mold, mildew, and fungi among many other costly damages. Alternatively, choosing a proper dehumidifier, like the SaniDry Sedona, eliminates any odors that would originate as the reason for wanting ventilation!

When should you close crawl space vents?

Venting a crawl space with outside air is a bad idea. When you vent your crawl space using outside air you are bringing cold winter air and summer humidity into your home. These lead to damaging mold and rot underneath your home. Instead, properly encapsulate your crawl space with an energy efficient dehumidifier to avoid mold and rot, and make the air coming into your home less humid! 

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