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Drainage Matting in Forrest City, Arkansas

Crawl Space Drainage Matting is a dimpled drainage matting system that's designed to collect water from the Crawl Space floor and direct it to a sump pump and perimeter drainage pipe. 



Drainage Matting in Hardy, AR

Dirt Crawl spaces have the high humidity levels necessary for mold growth. Humidity levels from 50-90% are easily found in dirt crawl spaces that have never flooded. Mold can grow on dirt, insulation, framing and even under your carpet on the first floor. Mold destroys organic materials as it feeds on them. Mold reproduces by producing millions of floating airborne spores, which some people are very sensitive to. Spores can be dormant for many years, waiting for the right conditions to grow. Some molds produce mycotoxins, such as the black mold Stachybotrys.


Wet Crawl Space Effects Mammoth Springs, AR Home

A wet crawl space in Mammoth Springs left homeowners feeling uneasy, so they contacted Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas. We sent a system design specialist out assess the area and lay out some solutions. After consulting with the homeowners, it was agreed to install a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier and Drainage Matting into the homes crawl space. Each will play an integral part in keeping the crawl space a dry and healthy space. 

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Clean Space Liner in Newport Ar

The most basic way to view it is that crawl space encapsulation turns your crawl space into a waterproof capsule. First, a waterproof vapor barrier is installed. This vapor barrier is usually made from heavy-duty plastics, laminates, and resins. Then the vents are sealed shut and the vapor barrier is sealed into place. This creates a clean, dry crawl space that protects against moisture, mold, pests, and other issues that can impact your home from your crawl space. So, why would you want to seal up your crawl space with an encapsulation?


Improved Air Quality – Vented crawl spaces routinely harbor mold, bacteria, and other nasties that can negatively impact your indoor air quality. Encapsulating seals all of that out so you can breathe easier.

Lower Utility Bills – Encapsulating your crawl space can reduce your energy bills by up to 20%. That’s some major cabbage!

Reduce Risk of Expensive Repairs – Moisture in the crawl space causes wood to rot–in the worst place to have rotting wood, where the supports for your house are! Moisture from crawl spaces can also cause floors to buckle. Both of these scenarios result in seriously expensive repairs to maintain the structural integrity of your home.

Dirt Crawl Space in West Helena, Arkansas

A crawl space in West Helena, AR was exposed to the elements, allowing it to let in moisture causing humidity. Conditions such as these are not healthy for your home, as you breathe in the air that filters through your crawl space.

Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas came out and installed three elements; a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Liner, a dehumidifier, and drainage matting. Each will place an integral part in keeping the crawl space dry and humidity free. 


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